Advantages of custom software development versus ready products

Advantages of custom software development versus ready products

In any company and in the company every day there is work with a lot of information. Various financial statements, accounting, orders and contracts, manuals and more – all of this requires reliable storage and efficient management. IT is designed to work with this information using software. It will help in the work processes, save time and budget of the company.

In most typical cases, there are many ready-made programs that you can implement and start using:

  • Online service: Cloud solutions are installed on the server of the developer of this service and are available through a browser wherever there is access to the Internet. Access is provided by subscription, such as monthly or yearly.
  • Cash product: This solution after you install a one-time purchase on your server or computer. You don’t have to pay for usage, but new versions and support are usually paid for.
  • Open source is free software, which usually requires additional development to completely solve any problem.
  • Custom development: An individual solution is developed for your company according to the technical specifications.

Before choosing one or the other solution, you need to look at all the pros and cons of each.

Custom development

There are many specialized companies custom software development. Nix United is one of the few companies that can be really useful for both large and small businesses. On its website you can order the development of software and mobile applications of any complexity.

Custom development has the following pros and cons:


  • Business specificities and competitiveness are taken into account.
  • It is configured by integrating with the necessary services and programs.
  • An individual solution that is not available in the market and among competitors.
  • Purchased once and installed on your server or computer.


  • Requires development time.
  • A technical task (TOR) needs to be developed.

Open source programs


  • No payment is required to use it.
  • It can be used on your computer or server.
  • Free community support.


  • Open source is available to everyone.
  • You have to refine the solution yourself or look for a standalone developer.
  • Competitors can also use a similar solution.

Products ready to use


  • Installation on your server or computer.
  • Access to the source code.
  • Periodic updates.
  • The solution can be scaled and improved.


  • Installing it yourself can be tricky.
  • Payment solution updates.

Online services


  • No complex installation or configuration required.
  • The solution is automatically updated.
  • Support is provided, in most cases, free of charge.


  • The peculiarities of the business are not always taken into account.
  • Integration only with certain services.
  • No source code access.
  • It is not unique and is available to competitors.

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