BlackBerry offers Kaspersky replacement cybersecurity for the channel

BlackBerry offers Kaspersky replacement cybersecurity for the channel

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has shown that while the wars of the past were limited primarily to geographical locations, the current battles are also being fought digitally and globally. The challenge of “borderless” cyber warfare is further underscored by this week’s joint warning from Five Eyes Alliance security authorities, including the Australian Cyber ​​Security Center (ACSC) and the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) of New Zealand, which urges managed service providers to protect their IT supply chain with a new set of cybersecurity measures.

The Biden administration has also just revealed that the United States will intensify a security investigation into Kaspersky, following earlier statements from Germany and Italy about the possible cyber risks associated with the company’s software.

BlackBerry previously reported that MSPs are a viable target, especially for ransomware attacks, due to their level of access to multiple client networks and sensitive data. BlackBerry’s 2022 threat report also revealed that malicious hacking attempts occur every 39 seconds, and that SMEs face more than 11 cyber threats per device per day.

“The message from cybersecurity experts is clear: the cyber threat needs to be taken seriously, and caution is advised when it comes to companies based in a country whose government can be hostile,” says BlackBerry.

Proactive, not reactive

According to BlackBerry, many customers and businesses in the Australian and New Zealand channel ecosystem are now wondering if their antivirus solutions keep them safe in the long run.

Regardless of the AV vendor, one thing should be clear: reactive, signature-based cybersecurity solutions and antivirus programs are no longer sufficient for comprehensive system protection. The current threat environment requires a proactive approach and innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to detect and prevent cyberattacks.

“BlackBerry praises Five Eyes’ new cybersecurity measures to help MSPs proactively defend the IT supply chain,” he says.
Graeme Pyper, BlackBerry APAC channel manager.

“With widespread deficiencies in computer security skills and the imminent threat of privileged access systems by state actors, no organization can manually combat current methods of attack with reactive security approaches and legacy antivirus software.” he says.

“That’s why BlackBerry and its partners are committed to smart, artificial intelligence-driven cybersecurity and managed services to help prevent, manage, detect, and correct threats before they cause harm.”

Coexistence of systems for better global protection

Switching from reactive to proactive is easier than initially thought. Many companies are hesitant because the change seems complicated or there is concern about not being protected in the meantime. Others simply want to continue using their existing software until their licenses expire. But modern solutions can be implemented quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, they coexist with other programs; can be used while older AV systems are still running, for example. One advantage is that global protection is widely expanded because the new system intercepts what signature-based solutions might otherwise be.

Existing Kaspersky customers whose licenses expire in the next 24 months will receive CylancePROTECT free of charge for the remaining contract period. Other companies that want to switch to BlackBerry solutions like CylancePROTECT can now benefit from a discount of up to 70 percent. BlackBerry’s endpoint protection solution works with AI and ML to prevent malware from running on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux, among other applications. All protection is automatically applied to the endpoint without relying on cloud crawling or a network connection.

BlackBerry advises users of Kaspersky Software in Australia and New Zealand to conduct a rigorous risk analysis of their current security stance and to speak with a BlackBerry channel partner about intelligent, AI-enabled cybersecurity solutions and services that can provide ongoing monitoring and support.

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