ECSS recognizes top students at high schools, approves personnel recommendations – The Atmore Advance

ECSS recognizes top students at high schools, approves personnel recommendations – The Atmore Advance

Exchange County Superintendent of Schools Michele McClung recognized the county’s top students during Thursday’s Board meeting.
McClung presented the valedictorians and salutatorians of the three county high schools (WS Neal, Flomaton, and Escambia County) and presented certificates of honor to each of those present at the meeting.
On hand were WS Neal Valedictorian Langham Parr and Saltutatorian Addie Nelson along with Flomaton Valedictorian Charles Henley and Salutatorian Lori Knowles.

The ECHS valedictorian and salutatorian were absent, but McClung acknowledged.
Following the superintendent’s comments, the board made progress on issues to consider.
McClung also announced the organization of a golf team at the Exchange County High School in Atmore and the planned demolition of the WS Neal High School auditorium. Demolition is scheduled for the coming weeks, he said.
Elements approved by the board include:
• Extension of vacation days transferred from 2021 for all 12-month employees to be used before October 1, 2022 or risk of losing those days;
• sign a service contract with Nearpod Inc., for educational technology services, including Nearpod Premium Plus, Flocabulary Site License and on-site training at a cost of $ 117,619 paid with ESSER funds;
• a reorganization chart “to integrate who depends on whom”;
• revised 2021-22 salary programs;
• Allowance for school counselors to work up to an additional 20 days during the summer of 2022 in accordance with the Academic Recovery Response Plan.
Also, the members of the board unanimously approved the following personnel changes in the system:
• Tyler Boatwright, math teacher at Escambia County Middle School;
• Meagan Stewart, an elementary school teacher at Flomaton Elementary;
• Chelsea Reaves, a primary school teacher at Flomaton Elementary;
• Jacob Middleton, Rachel Patterson Elementary Speech Therapist;
• Hillary Bilbeau, Rachel Patterson Elementary School Special Education Teacher;
• Samuel Wright, custodian of WS Neal Elementary;
• Jesse Rowlen, science professor at WS Neal High; i,

  • Jesse Guy, General Maintenance Worker, Brewton Maintenance Shop.
    • Marilyn Simmons, Purchasing / Utilities Accountant, Brewton Headquarters;
    • Sheila Fountain, Gifted Education Instruction Assistant, Special Education Office, and Student Services; i,
  • Valarie Smith, School Improvement Supervisor, Atmore Headquarters.
    • Anna Wheeler, math teacher at Escambia County High School and math teacher at Escambia County High School.
    • Shirley Prescod, AC Moore Elementary School Teacher;
    • Susan Yeszkonis, a teacher in the preschool program at AC Moore Elementary;
    • Kristian Wasdin, Cosmetology Instructor, Escambia County High School (replacing Tina Rankins-Stanton;
    • Kelly McNeil, special education teacher at Escambia County High School (replacing LeAnn Pepper);
    • Barry Coleman, social studies teacher at Escambia County High School (replacing Scotty Benton);
    • Troy Brown, a physical education teacher at Flomaton Elementary;
    Elizabeth Danielle Brown, an elementary school teacher at Flomaton Elementary (replacing Ashley Murphy);
    • Beverly James, custodian of Rachel Patterson Elementary (replacing Marvin Hollinsworth);
    • Carol Hughes, part-time interventionist teacher at Rachel Patterson Elementary;
    • Jeremy Padgett, Head of Public / Land Services at the Atmore Maintenance Department.
    Change of occupation:
    • Robert Jernigan, ECHS welding instructor to ECRC building construction instructor (replacing Kenneth Revel);
    • Courtney Dixon, Instructional Assistant to Professor Flomaton Elenentary (replacing Megan Stewart)
    • Tori Chavers, Flomaton Elementary Instructional Assistant for Kindergarten Teacher (replacing Chelsea Reaves);
    • Ashley Murphy, a Flomaton elementary school teacher and a Flomaton High School high school teacher (replacing Jerilynn Curry);
    • Eric Andrews, director of WS Neal Elementary as ECBOE Assistance Supervisor (replacing Kike Pettaway).
    • Summer Maintenance Custodians: James Williams at ECMS; Regenia Pleasant and Flomaton Elementary; Haley Black and Flomaton HS; Joe Carroll and Pollard-McCall; Suzette Barron to Rachel Patterson.
    • Working summer students: Stephen Williams and Trajan Hollinger at ECHS; Dakota DeSpain at ECMS; Anna Grace White, Matthew Bishop and Jackson Haney at Flomaton Elementary; Erin Davidson and Chandler McBride at Flomaton High School; Spencer Kilpatrick at Huxford Elementary; Dalton Shell, Alexandra Moulder and Paige Joyner at WS Neal Elementary; and Christopher Paden at the ECRC.
    Academic Recovery Response Plan Summer Programs: ECHS – Site Director Leslie Sellers and Professors Priscilla Garror and Barbara Whatley; ECMS: Professors Marcia Adams, Rhecy Currie, Deborah Salyers and Brittany Linam and Keyanna Wiggins as Assistant Teachers; Flomaton Elementary: Site Director Melanie Kent; teachers Madison Carpenter and Eily Lindsay; Helene Brown and Matthew Morgan, assistant professors; Flomaton High School: Site Director Ashley Mosley; teachers Karen Andrews, Phillip Bell, Alison Britt, Amy Dullard, Jessica Green, Jeffrey Haney and Sharon Morgan; Huxford Elementary School: principal, Rebecca Murray, teachers Tara Ikner and John Smith, secondary school teacher Tiffany Hammac; Rachel Patterson Elementary: Terries Lett site director, teachers Shannon Martin and Brian Stallworth, assistant professors Karen Hubert-Frye and Tamesha Knight; WS Neal Elementary: Site Director Elizabeth Andrews, Professors Tracy McCurdy and Casey Lodge, Assistant Professor Pamela Driskell; WS Neal Middle: Site Director Sandra Barrow, Professors Anne Catherine Campbell and Ashley Knowles, Assistant Professor Taylor Barrow; WS Neal High: Site Director Junia Fischer, Professors Daniel Hodge and Stephanie Spicer.
    • Jump Start Title Enrichment Programs:
    Flomaton: Professor Chelsea Reaves, Assistants to Professor Heather Driver and April Dunsford; Huxford: Professor Brooke Gafford, Assistant Professors Robin Barrows and Emily Barlow; Rachel Patterson: Professors Jessica Lockett, Allison Brooks, and Malorie Johnson; assistant professors Vonda Bynum, Joydan Pleasant, Julie Rowland and Terry Kirby-Colbert; WS Neal Elementary: teachers Andrella Nettles, Margo Nordmeyer-Adams, Nicole Yoder; assistant teachers Hillary Durden, Jessica Godwin, Fabiola Jones and Cimmaron Wilson.
    • Summer Enrichment Science Camp: Kimberly Nevels, Flomaton HS Professor.
    Summer Literacy Camp: Flomaton Elementary teachers Jenny Engle, Baylie Smith, Sydney Lambeth and Leslie Wedgeworth; Huxford teachers Connie Hetrick, Dawn Malone and Betsey Watson and assistants Deborah Smith, Anna Nelson and Victoria Alanis; Pollard-McCall: Professors Amber Dunaway, Marilyn Bradley, Traci Ward, and Eva Rowland; Rachel Patterson teachers April George, Caroline Hughes, Jennifer Brewton, Carol Hughes, Phyllis Moorer, Malorie Johnson and Julie McDonald; WS Neal Elementary: teachers Rochel Evans, Megan Moye, Katrina Anthony, Britney Shelly, Kimberly Collins-Bright and Glria Hill.
    Summer Feeding Program: ECHS – Cynthia Young; ECMS – Rebecca Boutwell; Flomaton – Ashley Riley; Huxford – Susan Johnson; Rachel Patterson – Brenda Watkins; WS Neal Elementary – Janice Salter; WS Neal Middle – Mary Sheffield; WS Neal High – Vanessa Mealer; Polalrd-McCall: Alyssa Williams, replaces Veronica Hacker, Riga Jones and Sondra Fail.

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