G20 delegations support 4 education-related priority agendas in EdWG

G20 delegations support 4 education-related priority agendas in EdWG

Jakarta (ANTARA) – G20 member states supported Indonesia’s four priority education agendas during the Education Working Group (EdWG) Forum, according to the government’s spokesperson. Gud presidency of Indonesia, Maudy Ayunda.

“After a year of the pandemic, students are experiencing a decline in learning skills and knowledge, either specifically or in general,” Ayunda said in a press release on Friday.

EdWG is a G20 Sherpa’s Track working group that examines the factors involved in facilitating or hindering the right to education and the attainment of higher education, also in the context of the pandemic.

Ayunda noted that this year’s EdWG highlighted quality education for all, digital technology in education, solidarity and partnerships, and the future of the world of work after the COVID-19 pandemic as a solution. common way out of the pandemic.

Three issues also addressed at EdWG included quality education for all through efforts to address learning loss.

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Research by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology before the pandemic showed that one-year learning progress for the first grade of primary education was 129 points for literacy and 78 points for arithmetic. .

After the pandemic, students experienced a loss of skill and learning equivalent to six months of learning for literacy and five months for numeracy.

“If not addressed immediately, the loss of learning will affect the overall quality of Indonesian education,” Ayunda warned.

During the forum, the second discussion was related to digital technology in education. Technology cannot replace the role of teachers, so the school’s digitization program should be balanced with the increasing competence of teachers, especially in the field of master technology. information and communication.

Teachers with competence in educational technology will be able to accelerate the creation of superior human resources, Ayunda remarked.

Indonesia, through the Ministry of Education and Culture, developed the Merdeka learning platform to help teachers deliver meaningful learning and provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate.

“This is expected to increase teachers’ ability and skills, ”he noted.

Third, the Indonesian G20 Presidency stressed the importance of renewing the global commitment to education through the United Nations Conference on Educational Transformation (TES).

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