Get on the Offense for Your Client’s Cybersecurity Defense

Get on the Offense for Your Client’s Cybersecurity Defense

Facilitate compliance for MSSPs to manage and mature customer cybersecurity practices and win new business begins with GRC

Not long ago, cybersecurity and ransomware were generally the only topics discussed on the computers that managed security for large-scale companies. Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) put aside their concerns, mistakenly thinking that these were problems that only affected large companies.

And for some, that made sense. Their businesses were small. Their technologies are limited and local. Compared to large companies, their sensitive data flows did not seem to be worth the hassle or reward for the threatened actors to try to infringe on them.

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But those days are long gone, and as such, a growing number of SMEs and large companies are turning to the MSSP for help.

In fact, cybersecurity is a major concern for organizations of all sizes, especially with regard to the growing risks and successful breaches caused by ransomware attacks.

Growing non-compliance concerns

According to Verizon’s 2021 data breach investigation report, attackers are likely to target cybercrime SMEs as well as large companies, which should be of concern to MSSPs in charge of protecting those companies. .

The report notes that small and large organizations are not so far apart in terms of breaches, and large companies reported 819 security incidents that resulted in 307 confirmed breaches. SMEs reported that they had experienced a total of 1,037 security incidents which resulted in 263 confirmed breaches.

It is worth noting that this report also looked at a much larger scope of security incidents and breaches, starting with nearly 80,000 incidents to review. From there, he reported that about 30,000 met the study’s quality standards to be considered an incident, and of these, a total of 5,258 confirmed breaches.

Altogether, large companies and SMEs accounted for 570 confirmed infringements, and the remaining 4,688 were classified as “unknown”.

And, according to a recent Forbes article, cyber risks are a major global business concern for 2022, and this is something MSSP providers should be well aware of.

The report says concerns about the ransomware threat, data breaches or other major IT disruptions now concern companies more than other business disruptions, such as supply chain problems, the pandemic or natural disasters.

MSSP to the rescue

Even with these known risks, most SMEs do not have the resources or skilled professionals on hand to mitigate these growing risks.

So as an MSSP, what can you do to add more value to your customers and help them protect their systems and data and ultimately ensure operational resilience?

The answer lies in how you manage your cybersecurity and compliance programs, and it doesn’t have to be as tedious, expensive, or manual as you think.

The time has come to commit crimes on behalf of your clients to better defend them by adopting a cybersecurity management platform created for multi-tenant environments and with cybersecurity, compliance, risk and management frameworks and controls. suppliers at your fingertips.

The SaaS-based governance, risk and compliance management (RCMP) platform can simplify the crime of your business (by managing your customers ‘cybersecurity programs) by taking control of your customers’ defense in a simplified way: their cybersecurity practices.

The new face of GRC

Using a SaaS-based GRC platform should be an easier way to give your customers more value in your services and give you a competitive advantage to win and retain business today and in the future.

Often, when MSSPs think of software and services, they automatically think of traditional GRC programs. This makes sense because these tools have been industry standard and used by MSSPs for years. But anyone who has used these traditional technologies also knows that they are expensive to acquire, difficult to set up, and many do not work well in multi-tenant environments. However, it’s time to get on the GRC wave with a software vendor that eliminates traditional loads.

Putting a GRC platform to work for you

Modern GRC platforms are not like the legacy GRC platforms that MSSPs are used to, and a software solution is often more accurate and less complicated than using traditional spreadsheets for cybersecurity and compliance management.

With the power of a GRC platform, you can quickly manage multiple compliance and security needs for your customers within a single, easy-to-use, multi-tenant platform.

A quality GRC platform should also help you conduct accurate and thorough assessments for your customers quickly, giving them an instant view of their current security stance, and should be able to identify security gaps and weaknesses. and offer best practice-based recommendations for resolving these issues. Also, look for a solution that allows you to set a target profile and create a roadmap to mature your customer’s cybersecurity practices as they evolve.

A quality GRC platform should also eliminate compliance guesswork.

Look for a GRC solution that also includes a growing number of compliance, cybersecurity, and risk management frameworks built into the platform. This is a great way to get an instant view of your customer’s processes, even at the granular control and subcontrol level.

Are there controls for one framework that apply to another? Look for a GRC solution that allows you to map them directly to the platform, so you no longer have to duplicate your work. And one that supports a multi-tenant environment so you can repeat it for all of your MSSP clients, regardless of size, complexity, or unique needs.

A quality GRC platform should allow you to simplify client program management with a real-time compliance score and a real-time view of project life cycles, up to individual task management. Look for a solution that provides alerts and notifications (and can automatically send them to those assigned) so that you or your team do not need additional reminders.

Save these spreadsheets to help mature your customers’ security defense. Consider implementing a GRC solution that offers customized reporting so you can easily share information with your customers that is specifically focused on their unique needs and business goals, with confidence.

Are you ready to simplify the day-to-day running of your MSSP’s cybersecurity program, provide more services with less benefit to your customers, and gain and attract new business with confidence? Learn more about how Apptega can help you.

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