Get past the hype to develop an efficient cybersecurity strategy

Get past the hype to develop an efficient cybersecurity strategy

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Cyberattacks or infringements can cost companies more than billions of dollars. Also at stake are operational efficiency, damage to reputation and time. Most companies will be willing to avoid any of these situations; but the problem is that most companies don’t know where to start their cyber strategy.

This is the assessment of cybersecurity expert and founder of OccamSec, Mark Stamford. OccamSec has recently launched its new Incenter platform, which offers a dual approach to cybersecurity through ongoing penetration testing along with vulnerability investigations and a threat intelligence team.

Stamford has recently been thinking about the key factors that decision makers need to consider when implementing cybersecurity solutions. Central here is the cybersecurity strategy, an approach that consists of high-level plans on how an organization will act to protect its assets and minimize cyber risk.

Stamford presents these factors in Digital magazine readers:

Understand what you need

According to Stamford: “Unless you have a lot of resources to devote to it, what do you do to better secure your organization? What does ‘better insurance’ mean? What tools do you buy? Need a pen test? There are countless questions. , the answers seem to change every day, so how do you deal with this?

Consider resources

Under the heading of time, people and money, Stamford advises: “The need for security is increasing the price of security. As the industry is ‘hot’ it is flooding with applicants. It’s hard to spend money on security resources, it’s hard to find someone who can really help. “

Business and technology are connected

Stamford, Stamford points out, isolating the technological function is fraught with danger. He notes: “Cybersecurity issues are often placed in a technical context, but if they cannot be linked to the organization, it is difficult for non-technical people to understand them, and even more difficult to show value. Historically cybersecurity is seen. as a purely technical field, that doesn’t help anyone. “

Overcome the hype

With his latest advice, Stamford recommends that companies not be dazzled by quick fixes and seemingly easy wins. He warns: “Because almost everyone is affected by cybersecurity, everyone is trying to sell something. Right now there is a lot of excitement” this product will make you 100% safe! “” Stop all attackers “” AI to secure the your business “that we are in a child who cried wolf situation. Everything is being questioned, nothing seems to do what it says, and organizations create more resentment for those who offer some solution.”

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