GlobalFoundries Unveils GF Labs to Accelerate Technology Innovation

GlobalFoundries Unveils GF Labs to Accelerate Technology Innovation

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  • May 19, 2022
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The program advances the long-term technological roadmap and reinforces the company’s commitment to drive the technological leadership of differentiated foundry solutions

SAN JOSE, California , May 19, 2022 / PRNewswire / – At its annual GF (GTS) technology summit, GlobalFoundries (Nasdaq: GFS) (GF) today announced the launch of GF Labs, a new program that broadens the development horizon of innovative technology and differentiated from semiconductors and expands the level of the company. portfolio of enabling and feature-rich solutions. GF Labs will focus on advancing new technologies and long-term roadmap differentiation that will enable GF customers to develop innovative products and accelerate their time to market.

Semiconductor innovation is essential for the growth and development of the technological megatrends that are reshaping the global economy, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, 6G, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing and next-generation automotive, all of that. are driving the semiconductor market revenue in addition to $ 1.3 trillion by the end of the decade, according to International Business Strategies.

GF has a proven track record of innovating new materials, such as FD-SOI at 22FDX®, and new device architectures that enabled GF Fotonix ™, the company’s recently announced next-generation silicon photonics platform.

GF Labs expands and accelerates this drive for innovation by creating an open framework of internal and external research and development initiatives that offer a differentiated portfolio of market-driven process technology solutions for future data-centric applications. connected, smart and secure.

“Fostering semiconductor innovation is key to delivering a differentiated technology portfolio that will continue to fuel emerging markets,” he said. Gregg Bartlett, Senior Vice President of Technology, Engineering and Quality, GF. “Our focus is to ensure that we are always developing the latest technologies that provide significant differentiation to our customers, not just in the short term, but in the long term over the next decade. The launch of GF Labs accelerates our search for Innovation is needed to develop and deliver powerful technological advances for our customers. “

GF has a proven track record in building partnerships with innovative startups, industry consortia, material suppliers, universities, and government entities around the world. Leveraging GF’s extensive patent portfolio and deep technical expertise in digital, analog, mixed signal, RF and embedded memory, GF Labs will leverage the capabilities of a comprehensive research platform that includes the Interuniversity Center for Microelectronics (IMEC) en BelgiumFraunhofer a Germanythe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the United States and the Institute of Microelectronics in Singaporealong with a wide network of university associations.

Research and development within GF Labs is underway with a list of innovative technological capabilities and solutions already under development, such as radio frequency silicon over insulator (RFSOI) and silicon-germanium (SiGe). GF will continue to invest in expanding and developing bespoke solutions, with GF Labs as the R&D engine accelerating differentiated solutions based on broadband semiconductors that go beyond the traditional approach of reduction transistors. Additional program details and partners will be announced during the second half of 2022.

Support quotes

“We have a broad research portfolio in high-performance computing, cryogenic electronics, bioelectronics and biosensors, physical layer security, and AI-based design automation. Collaboration with GF allows us the freedom to explore innovative ideas. such as the integration of advanced SiGe devices with high-performance CMOS technologies to help achieve the configuration needed for next-generation wireless electronics. “

George WhitePh.D., Director of Strategic Partnerships, Georgia Institute of Technology

“For more than 10 years, we have been working with GF to help drive multi-dimensional technological innovation. The launch of GF Labs will enable tomorrow’s smarter and more intuitive, more connected and secure technology, and more powerful and energy efficient.

Luc Van den hove, president and CEO, imec

“IQE’s collaboration with GF on GaN accelerates the development of differentiated technology platforms that enable smart mobile devices, wireless infrastructure, power electronics and next-generation screens.”

Americo LemosCEO, IQE

“Micledi has developed a unique and innovative solution for microLED arrays. Our technology is based on an innovative combination of III / V material processing, 3D integration and 300mm silicon-based processing combined with a patented ASIC to provide a monolithic “Compact and autonomous. AR display with high image quality and energy efficiency. Our partnership with GF is enabling future AR devices and revolutionizing the way digital information is delivered to consumers.”

Soeren Steudeltechnology director, Micledi micro screens

“Congratulations to GF for their visionary effort with GF Labs. We are excited to work with them as a member of the Semiconductor Alliance to accelerate research, innovation and prototyping, and to help grow the semiconductor industry. in the midst of increasing global competition.Collaboration between industry, government and academia in the United States it will facilitate the growth of advanced manufacturing, strengthen supply chains and help protect intellectual property. “

Dr. Raj Jammy, Director of Technology, MITER Engenuity and Director, Semiconductor Alliance

“Ranovus is dedicated to developing specific optical engines for energy- and space-efficient applications to cope with the massive growth in data center traffic, driven by new computing, storage, and networking paradigms. The Monolithic Platform Odin ™ Silicon Photonics Lever takes advantage of GF The Fotonix ™ process with its feature-rich libraries along with Ranovus’ own photonic and RF IP blocks, including the innovative chip lasers, to enable optical interconnection of unprecedented high density for data center applications. This is a great example of GF and Ranovus Teams work together to deliver cutting-edge solutions. “

Joan MartínSenior Vice President of Research and Development, Ranovus

“The close collaboration of SOITEC and GF in the development of state-of-the-art RFSOI and FD-SOI substrates continues to set the pace for the introduction of market-leading solutions for each generation of mobile connectivity standards” .

Bernard AsperDirector of Operations, SOITEC

“GF technologies made the 5G mm wave possible with the 45RSOI and 22FDX® processes used first by universities and then by most 5G and SATCOM companies. It is now taking steps to establish a leading position in 6G. We have collaborated on a wide range of high-risk, cost-effective research projects that take advantage of the unparalleled benefits of FD-SOI, RF-SOI and SiGe technology with proven phase arrays and transceivers up to 180 GHz and together “GF has been a great partner, with an accurate design kit over 100 GHz. They also support innovative work and enable the successful demonstration of complex 6G systems.”

Gabriel M. Rebeiz, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Wireless Communications Industry at UC San Diego

About GF
GlobalFoundries, Inc. (GF) is one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers. GF is redefining semiconductor innovation and manufacturing by developing and delivering feature-rich process technology solutions that provide leadership performance in high-growth widespread markets. GF offers a unique combination of design, development and manufacturing services. With a talented and diverse workforce and a US-scale manufacturing footprint, Europe i Asia, GF is a trusted source of technology for its customers worldwide. For more information, visit

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