HackEDU Acquires Security Journey to Provide the Most Comprehensive Application Security Training Offering, Helping Development Teams Deliver Secure Code and Protect Data

HackEDU Acquires Security Journey to Provide the Most Comprehensive Application Security Training Offering, Helping Development Teams Deliver Secure Code and Protect Data

The combined offering will help companies drive a change in security culture and improve secure development skills

PITTSBURGH, PA / ACCESSWIRE / May 25, 2022 / HackEDUa global provider of unmatched secure coding training for developers, announced today the acquisition of Security tripleader in application security education located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

HackEDU, Wednesday, May 25, 2022, image of the press release

According to the Verizon Data Violation Investigation Report of 2021, between 90 and 95% of confirmed data breaches involve attacks on web applications. To defend against these attacks, organizations must adopt security as a critical component of the software development lifecycle. This change in culture is driven by a growing awareness of the huge negative impacts of insecure software, the benefits of more secure software, and the role of each employee in application security.

In response to this issue, DevSecOps adoption is expected to increase dramatically over the next few years. Companies will need training for each functional function to move away from the development and security departments that operate as autonomous functions, to an integration of development, security and operations as a single process. Executives, development leaders, quality assurance experts, technical project managers, product managers, and developers will need training to help them understand threats and their role in incorporating security. in their software development.

“Developing software applications with fewer security vulnerabilities is key to reducing the likelihood of a successful attack and its corresponding business impact, and empirical data confirms the effectiveness of HackEDU’s offerings in this regard,” said Derek. Brink, Aberdeen Vice President and Researcher. Strategy and Research. “At the same time, adopting these approaches to application security also requires broader cultural changes across the organization, for everyone, from developers to decision makers, to Immersive safety education is specifically designed to deliver. “

Together, HackEDU and Security Journey will provide companies with a provider to drive this transformation through an educational approach with multiple training and gamification modalities to engage each person in the way they best learn.

“The combination of our organizations provides comprehensive, quality training for secure software development that no other vendor offers and that the market has been demanding,” said Joe Ferrara, CEO of HackEDU. “Companies will now have the opportunity to take their training programs beyond compliance-based training and educate their organization to adopt a secure software development lifecycle that reduces the likelihood of attacks with success”.

Chris Romeo, CEO of Security Journey, said: “At Security Journey, we’ve created the industry’s most comprehensive application security training catalog, while HackEDU offers industry-leading skills development training for developers. “The merger of the two results into a platform that provides an exceptional learning experience for developers and people adjacent to the product of large and small businesses.”

To meet the significant demand of the secure software education industry, there are more than a dozen open positions available for employees who want to work remotely, in Pittsburgh, PA or Raleigh, NC. For more information, visit HackEDU careers page.

About HackEDU
HackEDU is a developer-centric secure coding training platform that teaches you how to find, correct, and prevent encryption vulnerabilities in a live virtual sandbox environment. Our offensive + defensive lessons, science-based approach, and training automation help make educational programs efficient and engaging for developers to learn and maintain safe coding principles. Visit www.hackedu.com.

About Security Journey
Security Journey is a leader in application security education through seat belt programs. They guide customers, many in technology, health and finance, through the process of creating a sustainable and long-term application security culture at all levels of their organizations. Visit www.securityjourney.com

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