How To Minimize The Offshore Software Development Cost

 How To Minimize The Offshore Software Development Cost

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – (BUSINESS THREAD) – Saigon Technology has supported many growing companies and startups worldwide to provide affordable and high quality offshore software development outsourcing companies in Vietnam. When looking for offshore software development alternatives, companies often consider cost savings. Talent factor and price software development are the two key reasons why organizations do not choose software outsourcing service providers in the region.

When the responsible team has the engineering strength or experience to meet the demands, as well as a cost of the service that is within the client’s budget, a project is initially considered viable. Of course, most clients prioritize staff concerns, but the financial issue is just as important because it will be a crucial element in the partnership of the two parties. So in today’s tight budgets, how can the cost of offshore software development services be drastically reduced? Let’s take a look at this article.

Factors affecting prices in offshore software development

1. Project size

For the first step, you need to describe all the goals of the software scope. Depending on the type of software and how long it will take, you can classify your software project into the following four scale types:

Small: The nature of the project requires little custom coding and does not require much engineering and effort.

Medium: This level of project usually requires the development of MVP to arrive at an objective evaluation. The client will often request the lightest version possible, without the need to add any capacity.

Great: Requires more complexity in programming. A large project will require large equipment, insightful UI / UX design, and time investment.

When it comes to multi-platform applications that work seamlessly across many platforms, a database may be needed.

Company: With a macro scale that tracks every business move in a business, a business project will typically take years.

Therefore, the offshore software outsourcing company must provide stable human resources, ensure security, perfect work and always commit to the quality of the output to ensure the best possible results.

2. Types of software development

Consider the type of software project planned. Depending on the type of project, the outsourcing service provider will shape the corresponding methodology, and therefore the price will also vary.

Custom software development: Create a software product that fits your specific needs, such as a business or a business.

Update existing software: Take the wave of digital transformation by updating and improving the software products your company currently has. Modifying the software may be necessary to improve some features that are now obsolete.

3. Equipment size

The size of your development team is another aspect that affects the total cost of your project. Although initially the number of members is fixed, once the scope of the project changes, the team members will also experience a disruption. Therefore, it can be said that the size factor of the computer depends in part on the SOW.

Small size: The project would be launched with only three core members, including the project manager, developer, and quality control engineer.

Medium size: In some cases, especially in medium-sized projects, a team of six to eight people may be needed, including a UI / UX designer, a business analyst, and a database architect or developer.

Large size: Some large-scale projects require the participation of more than 10 members, usually as a team. The number of programmers, testers, technology specialists, business analysts, etc. increases dramatically.

Easy Ways to Minimize Offshore Software Development Costs

1. Determine what you want and need

Be sure to do your research before deciding on an outsourced software provider. Then, specifically, take a proactive approach to the possible fundamental ideas and concepts surrounding the product you hope to achieve.

Your company’s software requirements will be thoroughly analyzed. Be sure to provide as many details as possible in your proposal so that your potential offshore suitors can accurately assess your skills.

2. Carefully consider the impractical and unrealistic specifications of the project

Strongly associated with the above factor, this second section advises companies to consider getting rid of impractical items. The reason for this entry is that it is estimated that 52.7 percent of projects would exceed their initial budgets by 189 percent, according to Standish Group analysis.

Therefore, even if you have carefully listed the things you need and want, you should not ignore the immediate removal of cumbersome factors, which can easily cause additional costs for the project later. Then companies can wisely choose the most cost-effective way in time and cost to complete the task.

3. Keep quality assurance (QA) in the loop from the beginning

Perhaps many people still secretly appreciate the role of designers, but forget that there is another equally important title in the project, which is QA / QC. Whatever the project, an employee who specializes in testing, giving feedback to the developer team, and monitoring the quality of the output always shows the caliber of their work.

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