Knock Yourself Out With 91 Python Videos

Knock Yourself Out With 91 Python Videos

The talks and tutorials presented at the 4th annual Python Web Conference are now available for free. Topics ranged from code and technology to social and career advice.

Six Feet Up’s Python Web Conference 2022 (#PWC2022), was a virtual event that took place March 21-25, aimed at Python Web Developers. It featured 90 international experts who presented 85 topics such as Django, CI/CD, containers, serverless, REST API, web security and microservices, divided into 6 tracks. Tickets were priced at $99 for students and $199 for professionals, and 376 developers from 36 countries attended.

The presentations and post-event recordings have been shared as a huge playlist on YouTube. Development talks included topics such as:

  • Deployment/Automation/Containers/Serverless
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Machine learning
  • Massive data
  • plone
  • Lean software development
  • Flask/Pyramid/Tornado
  • Cloud native
  • Django
  • CI/CD
  • Team Building / Remote work
  • Front-end development
  • WebSockets/AsyncIO
  • Scaling/Scalability
  • web security
  • Microservices

Obviously, there are too many videos to list, but here are my picks for the best and must-sees:

  • Python Coding Errors, Causes of Vulnerabilities and How to Fix Them! by Christopher Van Der Made
  • Towards the reliability of Jayesh Ahire
  • A Vulnerable Tale About Burnout by Julia Simon
  • Why should developers care about container security? by Eric Smalling
  • You Don’t Need a Password: Modern Authentication for Web Applications by Eli Holderness
  • How to TDD a REST API by Gil Zilberfeld
  • CI/CD with Python: From Code to the Cloud by Daniel Keler
  • Production Ready Python Serverless Web APIs by Raphael Jambalos
  • Ready for Production: A Best Practice Process for Docker Packaging by Itamar Turner-Trauring
  • Better developer documentation writing by Meredydd Luff
  • Walkthrough: End-to-End Testing with Playwright by Andrew Knight
  • Communication is as important as code by M. Scott Ford

Of course, the talk wasn’t just about code. Other presentations included:

  • An Imposter Is Among Us (I’m Pretty Sure It’s Me…): Fighting Imposter Syndrome by Elizabeth Gray
  • Be the CEO of your career by Mike Mead
    What does professional success mean to you? How will you achieve it? In this session, whether you want to climb the corporate ladder or find greater satisfaction in your current role, you’ll learn creative methods to help you achieve your ultimate career success.
  • Confessions of Joe Developer by Daniel Roy Greenfeld
    Over 17 years of professional Python development at Octopus Energy, NASA, and various agencies, Daniel Roy Greenfeld has picked up many easy tricks stolen from the best and brightest in the software community that make him look good in front of his peers. .
  • Enterprise-scale technical communities by Marianna Polatoglou and Monica Ho
    Bring technical people together and technical communities will form organically. It is then about maintaining and fostering this collaboration to support its success.
  • The flower of Noel Musicha
    Whoever tells the most compelling story shapes the future. What story does your work tell? When you’re gone, what will be the test of your life?

It was certainly a great event with quality material and that the talks could be arranged for a free subsequent event is much appreciated. So pick your favorite and watch it!

More information

Python Webinar 2022

The Complete YouTube Playlist with 91 Talks

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