KPMG Customer relaunches – AdNews

KPMG Customer relaunches – AdNews

KPMG customer partners

KPMG Australia launches KPMG Customer, an end-to-end reimagined customer business that brings together the best of technology and customer analysis, marketing, research, reputation, digital experience and creativity.

The unit includes equipment formerly known as KPMG CBMA, as well as a newly integrated digital experience team that offers technology services from martech deployments to web development and end-to-end mobile applications.

With 250 people spread across six offices, KPMG Customer’s primary goal is to help organizations operate customer-centric change, serving customers in a wide range of industries and sectors, from financial services to education. , governments and startups.

Carmen Bekker, KPMG’s responsible customer partner, said: “In the face of an increasingly complex and uncertain operating environment, organizations are under pressure to make better, faster and smarter decisions.

“However, changing customer expectations, technological advances, new ways of working and regulatory changes make it harder to make the right decisions.

“Once the digital experience team has been integrated from the company’s technology business, we have evolved to offer a more holistic approach to all facets of branding, marketing and communications, supported by data analysis and technology.

“Our former CBMA name was no longer representative of our focus on customer work, which is why we are now launching KPMG Customer into the market.”

KPMG Customer’s leadership team consists of 13 partners, including newly appointed partner Neil Shewan, the former Australian CEO of Adelphi Digital Consulting Group, joined by responsible partner Carmen Bekker, Lisa Bora, Sudeep Gohil, Arthur Gougoustamos, Karen Halligan, Mark Halliday. , Mark Hassell, Danny Housseas, Benjamin Kilpatrick, Louise Pogmore, Jenny Roche and Brett Watson.

The KPMG client (formerly KPMG CBMA) helps clients with:

  • Catapulting business growth: Designing digital, product, and customer strategies that help build stronger connections with customers and create lasting experiences through effective service design.

  • Conceive solutions to address business challenges, helping to reconnect front offices that leverage cloud technology to break down silos between marketing, sales and service to create solutions that place customers at the center of decision making.

  • Connect with customers to understand their needs, using data, customer research and analysis to understand your customer base, their desires, fears and growth opportunities.

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