Meta provides tips and tools to boost business cybersecurity

Meta provides tips and tools to boost business cybersecurity

The pandemic has led more companies to focus on increasing their online presence to connect with new and existing customers, but the transition has brought new challenges according to Meta.

The parent company of the social networks Facebook and Instagram said that online security and safety, both for companies and for their customers, are among the main concerns.

A recent survey conducted by the company found that almost half (47%) of small businesses say they do not understand how to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

Combined with the recent rise in cybercrime, including hacking into corporate social media accounts, the lack of basic cybersecurity knowledge could be devastating for small businesses.

In response, and in recognition of Small Business Month, Meta offered online security tips and highlighted the tools available to business owners that can help them protect their online presence.

Meta Recommendation # 1 activates notifications. With this feature, business owners and their social media page managers will receive timely alerts about Business Administrator roles, ad accounts, and ad approvals.

Second, the company recommends that companies pay attention to logins on their own. This feature, located on the security and login settings page, allows account managers to see where the sign-in origin is and to check for unauthorized devices.

Third, Meta said that page administrators should audit access to accounts through the Business Manager Security Center. This tool allows page managers to see who has access to a company’s accounts and ad accounts; those who do not need to use the page, such as former employees, should revoke their access.

Finally, Meta recommends that companies use the security check tool to review and strengthen the security settings of their personal Facebook accounts.

“We know that security work never ends. As cybercrime and scams become more sophisticated on the Internet, it’s crucial to stay one step ahead of those trying to harm businesses and people in Florida with our technologies, ”he said. Jeff KingVice President of Business Integrity at Meta.

“As we move into an increasingly complex digital landscape, we will continue to prioritize security while building reliable environments for the future of business.”

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