National Technology Day observed : The Tribune India

National Technology Day observed : The Tribune India

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  • May 26, 2022
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Jalandhar: Kanya Maha Vidyalaya Collegiate Sr Sec School organized a week-long activities to commemorate National Technology Day. On this occasion, various activities have been organized such as the Creative Writing Contest, Net Savvy, Workshop in Innovation Hub, Posters and Slogans, etc. ability to think, understand and learn from her. In the Creative Writing Contest, students presented their ideas in a magnificent way based on the Futuristic Vision of Technology in 2050. Creating the spirit of innovation among young innovators, Manroop Kaur achieved the first place in this event. At the same time, with the aim of instilling creativity in students and offering a basic education in physical science based on skill, a workshop was also organized at the KMV Innovation Hub based on the theme of the Approach Integrated in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future. In the Slogan Writing and Poster Contest, students made posters and slogans from which Navdeep Kaur came first and Jannat took second place. In addition to this, an effort has also been made to increase their creativity and technical knowledge, as well as to provide basic computer skills to the students of the Net Savvy activity. The director, Dr. Atima Sharma Dwivedi, congratulated the students who acted participating in these activities. The principal praised the efforts of Veena Deepak, coordinator, KMV Collegiate Sr Sec School, Anand Prabha and all members of the school faculty to organize the celebrations.

Scrapbook contest on postage stamps

To commemorate the 75th anniversary of India’s freedom as Azadi Ka Mahotsav, the Office Management and Secretarial Practice Department of PCM SD College for Women organized a scrapbooking contest on Indian postage stamps. Nine students from different classes took part in this competition with enthusiasm. This competition was organized to give students the opportunity to improve their students’ knowledge. Harsharan Kaur of BA Semester IV came first, Taranpreet Kaur of BA Semester VI took second place and Himani Mishra of BA Semester II took third place. The members of the management committee and the director of the university, Dr. Pooja Prashar, thanked the students for their participation. He also praised the efforts of the head of the Office Management and Practices Department of Secretariat Seema Tiwari to organize these events.

University Merit Positions

Students at Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar performed well in the Guru Nanak Dev University exams. In a press release, the director of the College, Dr. Gurpinder Singh Samra, reported that Rupam, Basant Singh and Nirmolak Singh have achieved third positions together in the MA Music (Vocal) -III Semester obtaining 388 points out of 400, respectively , while Gourav and Rajan Kumar finished fourth together in the same class with 387 points respectively and Naresh Kumar finished eighth with 379 points in the same class. The Chairman of the Board of Governors of the College, Balbir Kaur, congratulated the student and wished them success in life. Professor Sukhdev Singh, Head of Music Department, Professor Gurchetan Singh, Professor Prabhdeep Kaur, Professor Rupali and Mansa Singh were also present on this occasion.

Job counseling session

To clear up this confusion of the children about their future plans after the end of the enrollment, a career guidance session was organized for the students of the DIPS Suranussi school. During the session, students were given the necessary information on the selection of different subjects of Arts, Commerce, Medicine and Non-Medical in the 11th. Session operator Asha Nagpal and Deputy Director Ruby Sharma told the children via PPT that after selecting these subjects, how many more fields are at their disposal at 12th in which they can make their career. Students can also improve their skills by taking master’s degree, master’s degree courses. During this, different questions were answered that the students asked. Principal Bela Kapoor encouraged students to choose the subject according to their interest and ability and not according to the interest of a friend so that their future is bright.

Guest conference on women’s health

The Department of Physiotherapy at Apeejay College of Fine Arts hosted a guest conference on women’s health. The resourceful people of the day were Dr. Harneet Kaur Grover and Dr. SPS Grover, CEO of New Ruby Hospital. Dr. Neeraj Katyal, HoD, Physiotherapy, welcomed them. Addressing the meeting, Dr. Harneet Kaur spoke about the problems commonly found in women such as cervical cancer and breast cancer. He said a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, regular exercise, timely examination and treatment can prevent most problems. He also talked about menstruation and menopause in older women and added that if hormonal issues could be examined and treated at an earlier stage, women with these problems can lead a healthy life in the long run without any disease. Dr. SPS Grover said girls nine years of age and older should be vaccinated with Gardasila HPV Injection to prevent them from the human papilloma virus; so that they can lead a healthy life in later years. The director, Dr. Neerja Dhingra, while thanking the members of the physiotherapy faculty for organizing the guest conference, said that in the current era rat race of which everyone is a part, women often neglect their health while prioritizing other tasks. As a result they suffer from problems that become incurable in later stages. He added that these conferences work as openers with valuable and healthy suggestions for staying healthy and fit.

Organized summer house

Summer camps offer opportunities for students to improve their skills and polish their personality, but in a fun way. ‘The Fun and Fitness Camp’ gala summer camp was started in the pre-primary wing and ‘Leisure n Learn’- Fun Camp 2022-23 started in the primary wing of the public school Police DAV . The camp is being organized for students from kindergarten through fifth grade. The first day was full of fun and jokes and the students were very excited to take part in all the activities. The director, Dr. Rashmi Vij, visited the camp and participated in the festivities. The Savita Sharma-supervised preschool has organized a variety of fun activities, including dancing, music, art, meditation, karate, skating, gymnastics, basketball, chess, swimming, and kho kho. Various fun activities are being held in the primary wing camp under the supervision of Rashmi Bhalla, Gargi, Amita Rathore and Kavita. These include swimming, dancing, bhangra, yoga, meditation, aerobics, zumba, cooking, calligraphy experiments and crafts. The camp will continue on May 31st.

Conference on the transition of airport ownership

The Faculty of Hospitality of the GNA University organized a guest conference on the transition of airport ownership. Ravi Rahi, a senior coach with extensive experience in the aviation and travel genre, was the resource person of the day. The aim of the conference was to raise awareness about the transition in ownership of the aviation industry. Ravi Rahi shared with the students about the Indian aviation industry, airport operations and the international terminal department. Ravi also motivated the students to get the industry booming in the coming years by emphasizing the Udaan scheme. Airlines and Tourism students shared that the session was fruitful and lived up to their expectations. Dheeraj Pathak, Director of the Faculty of Hospitality, concluded the session with a vote of thanks. Gurdeep Singh Sihra, pro-chancellor of GNA University, said: “I appreciate the department’s efforts to organize such up-to-date guest conferences for students that inspire them.” Dr. Monika Hanspal, Dean of GNA University, said: “I am very pleased to witness the active participation of faculty and participants in these invited conferences.”

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