New study reveals IT is the most popular digital job in Hungary

New study reveals IT is the most popular digital job in Hungary

Are you a digital nomad who wants to visit another country or an employee looking for a digital role? With the big resignation continuing in 2022, now is the time to think about a career change or a change of scenery!

The number of digital jobs has risen in the last decade, with more than 3.3 million “digital jobs Europe” search results generated on Google in less than a second.2! In addition, Finland, Sweden and Denmark topped the digitization list in 20203. In other words, employees have so many options!

Taking themselves to find the most popular digital jobs by country, VoiceNation can reveal the countries where you are most likely to find a large number of certain digital roles, from web development and UX designers to digital public relations experts. and content writers.

The most popular digital jobs by number of online recruitment ads in each country are:

  • Germany – Project Management
  • France – SEO Specialist
  • Ireland – Project Management
  • UK – SEO Specialist
  • Hungary – IT
  • Greece: social media
  • Sweden – AI Engineering
  • Poland – Project Management
  • Italy: social media
  • Spain – Online customer service

Italy is one of the best places for social media experts

Are you a creative thinker who wants a career in social media and is thinking about going abroad? Italy and Greece are the countries with the most social networking features available. There you can work and enjoy the sun!

If you are an SEO specialist looking for the best places to work, the UK or France may be your country. Of all the digital roles available, there were most SEO specialist roles available. For aspiring project managers, look no further than Germany for a job that surpasses SEO, IT and web development!

Sweden turns out to be a point of interest for people looking for a place in AI engineering. If you want to sunbathe while you work, you don’t have to look far! Spain and Portugal are two of the best places to look for an online customer service function, with this digital job surpassing web development and SEO as the digital role-playing companies for which they hire the most.

Commenting on the study, a VoiceNation spokesman said:

“We wanted to make it easier for jobseekers to find the best places to apply for certain digital jobs and we took the extra step to create a fully comprehensive map of digital jobs in Europe that fits both native and non-native who want to explore more things from other countries while working in their field. “

To learn more about the study and its findings, visit the VoiceNation blog here.

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