Niantic to implement new social features in Pokémon GO

Niantic to implement new social features in Pokémon GO

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  • May 23, 2022
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Pokémon GO is not only a single player game that catches you all, but it has a lot of multiplayer social features such as gyms to occupy and even raids, where players collaborate to Defeat and catch very powerful Pokémon. There is even the option of inviting distant friends to raids via remote raid passes, which were especially helpful in the onset of the ongoing global pandemic. Players can exchange, fight with each other, and otherwise simulate what life would be like as a Pokémon trainer if they were real.

Niantic announced in a blog post that new social functions will come into play “sometime in the coming months.” He explains that some of these social features will be available within a standalone Naintic app, but did not give details on how this would or would be implied.

Players completing Raids this month will receive Mega Energy and Rare Candy XL to help improve their teams, which dedicated players will no doubt be. On a less-than-happy note, remote raid passes will no longer be available in the store’s 1-currency daily event box starting today, which means players who haven’t been able to go to the gyms they will be able to attack remotely through their friends for a while. cheap price. They are still available in the store, but are significantly more expensive. Instead, 1-currency event boxes will include a set of rotating items.

Niantic points out that he is “excited to play together again in person”, but does not seem to mind that this is not yet safe for immunocompromised, disabled and pre-existing players. This move to remove easily accessible remote raid passes forces players to put themselves in a potentially detrimental situation or to spend more money on passes than they would like. We’re sure to keep you up to date with the news as it comes out, though Niantic is unlikely to make that decision again.

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