Pivot Journal: How this accountant’s entrepreneurial drive made him a Python instructor

Pivot Journal: How this accountant’s entrepreneurial drive made him a Python instructor

My Pivot Journal is a Ventures Africa weekly series document the professional transitions of people from one industry to another, especially in technology.

It was not Dickson Durosakin’s childhood dream to become a Python instructor. Before now, I just wanted to be an accountant who could pay for everything I needed. However, while he was on his way to accounting, he was caught up in a project that shifted his course to technology. Dickson Durosakin is now at the forefront of technology that brings more technology enthusiasts to the world of technology.

How it started

Everyone had a childhood dream, though most have not set foot in it yet. Durosakin is no exception. As he grew up, he had the opportunity to visit his modestly wealthy uncle. There, she had access to things she loved as a child and often saw her uncle return home dressed in three-piece suits. This lifestyle fascinated Durosakin. “Everything we needed could be afforded, and that privilege always made the house fun for us. Seeing him get ready for work and living the life of his dreams influenced me. When I found out he was an accountant at a bank, I promised to be an accountant myself, “he said. Fast forward to 2019, Dickson Durosakin was one of the new graduates in accounting introduced to the labor market by the University of Lagos.

Dickson Durosakin


In his final year as a student, Durosakin had a lot of free time, which he enjoyed with his grandfather. All the while, Youtube was his companion, and he watched videos on a wide range of things. After a while, he realized that one type of video aroused his interest compared to others. He loved tech videos and was often on pages like Fisayo Fosudo‘s. “It always occurred to me that I wanted to be in the field of technology, but I also had the impression that I couldn’t do it because it was for geniuses,” he said.

Some of his friends invited him to train in technology skills in his school’s engineering department. This training nurtured his curious spirit, but did not alleviate his fears of being unintelligent in order to survive in the technological space.

After graduating, he served in Oyo State for NYSC in 2020 and worked as a professor. As a young man with an entrepreneurial spirit, he worked as a freelancer in projects for clients in the field of accounting. In one of his projects for a client, he realized that his Excel and accounting skills were not enough to cope with some arduous tasks. He had worked on an Excel spreadsheet that could automatically calculate the return on investment (ROI) for a client. However, the customer had one Oliver Twist character and wanted more. “The client said he wanted something that could alert him more and that he could use it on his cell phone. He couldn’t do everything he asked me with the knowledge of Excel that I had. That’s when I decided to code. thinking about making an application and pouring the necessary functions into it so that you can use it, “he explained.


While in service, he learned the basics of coding in 3 months. At that time, he was unable to create an application as he intended to meet customer demand. But it could send you notifications and emails within three months. After the service in 2021, he got a job that was his first job instinctHub. He applied to be a fund developer, hoping to learn more about the job. “I told my boss that I wanted to be his final developer, but I don’t think he had enough skills. I told him that the plan was to be a fellow and learn at work. He accepted me because he saw my confidence, but when I went getting to the venue told me to try to teach someone. I taught the person and he told me he would be good as an instructor. I had a bad performance the first few times, but I kept getting better, “he explained.

Learning was not easy for Durosakin, especially with the socio-economic realities in Nigeria. He faced the challenge of irregular power supply, the high cost of data and the suspicion of relatives who perceived him as an internet scammer. During the learning process, he obtained resources from freeCodeCamp, Youtubei Udemy. He did courses such as 100 Days of Python, Angela Yu’s Complete Bootcamp Web Development and Colt Steel’s Bootcamp Web Developer at Udemy. At freeCodeCamp, he taught courses such as responsive web design, Python data analytics, and front-end development libraries.

Durosakin points out that some online resources may be expensive for beginners, but be careful when there are discounts. “Udemy reduces the cost of his course, and courses initially published at 46,000 NW could drop below N5,000,” he said. He suggests that if the courses are not yet affordable, Youtube is a good solution. However, he does not fully endorse it because “you would learn many unnecessary things sooner than necessary. You’ll be amazed if you look at advanced resources before basic ones. But if you buy a course that someone has carefully planned, they take you from the basic level to the advanced level “, he argued.

How’s it going

Currently as an instructor, his preferred mode of learning has gone from being based on videos to reading books. Surprisingly, the more he taught, the better. As a result, it provides information when your instinctHub computer is at a crossroads. “Whenever there is a problem in the office, and we are deliberating on how to solve it, I have been able to give solutions to the current problems that other colleagues do not see,” he said.

Durosakin currently works for Education Elev8, a leading partner for global digital skills and transformational education initiatives for business and government. As a tutor of Elev8 education, he is working on a project for Microsoft to teach many technologies such as python, javascript and cloud computing to students within 48 days. “Now I teach students, and people say I’m good. So the joy for me is to see that students understand what they are learning, ”he said. Durosakin looks forward to working at Google someday, and that has always been his motivation.

Race Hack.

Determination and motivation.

“I’ve always been determined to be the best at what I do. I know that working for a big company like Google requires hard work. A constant appreciation of people to do a good job keeps me going,” Durosakin said.

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