Study Group Meets Demand For STEM Computer Science Courses Amongst Indian Students Abroad

Study Group Meets Demand For STEM Computer Science Courses Amongst Indian Students Abroad

The HENA program will allow countless Indian students to pursue their ambition to study new age courses such as AI, human-computer interaction and VR at the top universities.

Study Group, India’s leading global education provider for students, is empowering Indian students looking to take STEM and Computer Science courses at numerous US universities. This initiative will allow countless Indian students to pursue their ambition to study new age courses such as AI, human-computer interaction and virtual reality at the best universities. With the United States as a major destination center for computer application and STEM courses, thousands of Indian students are striving to make fundamental progress and secure admission to a reputed university abroad.

Some of the universities that partner with Study Group to offer admission to Indian students in computer science and STEM courses include:

DePaul University

  • DePaul’s Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (MS) programs are STEM-designated degrees. With a bachelor’s degree in computer science from DePaul, graduates work for companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Discover Financial Services, the Federal Reserve Bank, JP Morgan Chase and Abbott Laboratories.
  • The BS program combines aspects of math, science, and engineering. This program offers concentrations on gaming systems and software development. In addition, the CDM connects students to the industry during their undergraduate programs; 54% of Computer Science graduates do internships before graduating.
  • MS in Computer Science students participate in small classes and learning experiences with expert professors whose areas of research focus on artificial intelligence, data mining, database systems, human-computer interaction, viral computing and more.

Atlantic University of Florida

  • FAU offers research opportunities in a variety of computer-related areas. Within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, there are laboratories for Artificial Intelligence and deep learning, data mining and machine learning, logic design and software engineering.
  • FAU offers undergraduate degrees in arts (BA), BS and MS in computer science.
  • Degrees teach students to understand the basics of computer science, to build knowledge in areas of technical specialization, and to collaborate to solve problems.
  • Postgraduate students learn computer theory, software development, and computer systems, and explore areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, cryptography, bioinformatics, and computer development. mobile applications.

University of Long Island

  • The University of Long Island is an ideal setting for international students interested in computer science and other technology-focused degrees.
  • Undergraduate students in Computer Science learn key aspects of the field of computer science, such as advanced data structures, programming languages, operating systems, and software engineering techniques. In addition, they choose from optional subjects in artificial intelligence, database systems, graphical user interfaces, web development and e-commerce, among other technological areas.
  • Master’s students study the design and development of large software programs while learning the basics of computer science. Students participate in small implementation projects and / or computer programming exercises to understand how to implement the software development cycle.

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

  • Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi helps undergraduate and graduate students develop important computer skills that help them prepare for future careers.
  • Undergraduate Computer Science students learn to develop, evaluate, and integrate software systems in classrooms that address problems in a variety of work environments.
  • Master’s students in computer science learn to apply computer knowledge to the needs of various industries, as well as to the development, maintenance and management of complex computer-based information systems.

The study group is partnering with additional universities to offer Indian students the opportunity to pursue quality and respected computer science degrees:

  • James Madison University (Degree in Computer Science)
  • Lipscomb University (degree in Computer Science)
  • University of Hartford (BA / BS in Computer Science)
  • University of Western Washington (BS / MS)

In addition, all U.S. universities that work with Study Group offer a variety of computer-related degrees, which include, among others, Artificial Intelligence MS, Computer Information Systems BS, and Cybersecurity BS / MS.

Study Group has consistently established a market leadership position for over 25 years by developing successful partnerships with universities in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America, focused on supporting successful progression. from students to higher education and employment.

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