Tarun Ahir on ways to Introduce a New Educational Technology

Tarun Ahir on ways to Introduce a New Educational Technology

Tarun Yesterday

The goal of education is knowledge, not of facts, but of values.”

— Tarun Yesterday

SURAT, GUJARAT, INDIA, September 22, 2022 / EINPresswire.com/ — Tarun Ahir documented the journey of designing an EdTech platform. Before diving into development, there are several preparations that need to be made. Please use this document as a checklist to help you get started.

First, establish your target audience
What is the initial group of students? This includes school children, university graduates, working professionals, hobbyists and the elderly. Consider theirs:

Needs and desires
Personal, social and economic history
Intentions \sMotivations
Fears and worries
Inhibitions and inhibiting agents
Understand your users’ learning styles
Each profile has its own preferences:

Some prefer to learn on the job, while others prefer a classroom setting.
Some individuals in cohorts
Some enjoy deep dives while others choose crash courses.
Determine how your target audience prefers to learn. This will help you define your teaching technique and monetization strategies. Your startup concepts will revolve around the information you discover at this stage.

Caution: Validate assumptions with surveys and user testing. The market is the final arbiter.

Prepare the didactic material
Determine your teaching methodology. It takes several revisions to achieve perfection. Create or subscribe to the custom authoring tool for content creation:

Guides and short articles
Text-based programs
Help documents
Specification manuals
Electronic books / Guides
It determines when consumers prefer to study
Determine the time and location of user education based on options and availability. This will help define the content distribution system. When you can:

Lesson included in User Tools
Users can use it as a training partner. Based on the user’s clicks on the tools, the most relevant material is automatically suggested.
Teach using a stand-alone cloud-based product
It can be compatible with mobile and desktop devices. It is comparable to Khan Academy for your user base.
Teach offline/local settings
Special offer for customers behind a firewall or not connected to the Internet.
Lead instruction in the classroom.
May require digital guides and workbooks.
Content distribution system
Now you determine where, when and how students can choose to study, develop these functions sequentially based on the requirements and priorities of your learners.

Create the learning experience
Determine how students will interact with the topic. How can they discover additional material to study?

Content suggestions
Content Search
casual reading
Monetizing initiatives can be financial or strategic. If your organization’s goal is to generate revenue from the platform, you should start planning for it right away. Plan your subscriptions and free tiers, as well as their respective debut dates.

Determine when to implement AI.
The term artificial intelligence is overused in the business world. I would advise my readers not to implement AI without a compelling use case. Maintaining a data platform and implementing ML and AI can interfere with your engineering efforts.

Tarun Yesterday
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