Top Financial Institutions Secure DevOps Using Codenotary Cloud

Top Financial Institutions Secure DevOps Using Codenotary Cloud

HOUSTON – (BUSINESS THREAD) – Codenotary, a leader in software supply chain security, announced today that two of the three largest banks in the US and Europe have selected Codenotary Cloud to secure their DevOps deployments and software supply chain. Codenotary Cloud enables customers to comply with the Artifact Supply Chain (SLSA) level framework.

These two banks have more than $ 70 billion in annual revenue and depend on many software projects developed by globally distributed teams that use continuous integration / continuous development (IC / CD) in both on-premises and cloud. Both banks maintain an inherited code base as they increasingly evolve into a native cloud model. Codenotary Cloud provides them with code signing, source tracking, and management of code deployments with traceability from source code to runtime, and vice versa, if needed. There are a total of over 35,000 developers running up to 100,000 software compilations a day. Codenotary Cloud is capable of managing the massive scale of DevOps deployments of these two banks, which requires processing billions of artifacts each month and a reliability that measures 99.99% uptime.

“Even before the recent wave of supply chain attacks, we developed a comprehensive security and DevOps strategy for the digital transformation of our entire enterprise,” said a CEO of a major security bank. U.S. investment. “Codenotary Cloud helps us achieve our goal of delivering secure applications that are tamper-proof and keeping it from source to production. The ability to search all of our dependencies in real time makes the product be invaluable to our risk management and security compliance processes. ”

Codenotary Cloud offers the ability to catalog and trust software development lifecycle components that help certify the source and security of the code. The company further enhances this core capability by providing an additional tamper-proof layer that processes and stores millions of transactions per second, on-premises or as a cloud service, and with cryptographic verification. Provides developers with a way to attach a list of software materials (SBOM) for development artifacts that include source code, compilations, repositories, and more, as well as Docker and Kubernetes container images for your software.

“Codenotary Cloud is only able to bring trust and integrity to business development organizations,” said Moshe Bar, co-founder and CEO of Codenotary. “Our technology allows customers to protect every aspect of their pipeline from source to deployment as well as at runtime. Codenotary Cloud helps provide observability about what’s running, where it’s on the stack, what vulnerabilities are hidden below and, most importantly, who is responsible for this code. All this data can also be searched. ”

For more information and to get a free trial of Codenotary Cloud, go here.

About Codenotary

With more than 130 customers, including the top three banks in the United States and Europe, Codenotary provides easy-to-use trust and integrity to the software lifecycle, providing end-to-end cryptographically verifiable tracking and provenance for all artifacts, actions, and dependencies. Codenotary can be configured in minutes and can be fully integrated with modern CI / CD platforms. It is the only immutable and verifiable client solution available that is capable of processing millions of transactions per second. With Codenotary’s tamper-proof material list, users can instantly identify unreliable components in their software compilations. For more information, go to

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