Web development platform Vercel acquires Turborepo

Web development platform Vercel acquires Turborepo

Vercel has acquired Turborepo, a high-performance compilation system for JavaScript and TypeScript monorails that makes it easy for computers to scale their code bases and speed up the speed of creation. Existing Turborepo customers will have a seamless migration route to move from Turborepo’s cloud-based cache infrastructure to Vercel, and Turborepo’s CLI is now open source with an MPL 2.0 license. Jared Palmer, creator of Turborepo and popular open source projects such as Formik and TSDX, will continue to work to accelerate Turborepo’s capabilities and lead the Vercel construction performance team.

Web development platform Vercel acquires Turborepoto to change the game for interface developers

“We saw an incredible amount of complexity in the way most interface development teams built, tested, and deployed their code, and we set out to create the best way to create and scale a frontend code base. Turborepo offers to developers the ability to manage this complexity without the maintenance burden of traditional monorepo architectures, “said Jared Palmer, creator of Turborepo.

“The combination of Turborepo with Vercel’s construction time and construction infrastructure bridges the gap between what every developer needs and what, until now, only hypercalators had. It’s a bit magical, and also very, really, very ridiculously fast. This is the platform for the future of online business. “

Turborepo has clear synergies with Vercel, which pioneered the concept of zero configuration in the React space with Next.js, and in delivering content with features and cutting-edge deployment, allowing teams to focus exclusively on their product. Turborepo offers zero configuration for monorails, carefully abstracting the complexity and scale and maintenance load so that development teams can ship faster and focus on exceeding user expectations.

“CI / CD times went from more than 20 minutes to less than eight minutes when we started using Turborepo, with some jobs taking less than a minute depending on the number of transient dependencies. We saw a 65% improvement. in general pipeline time after the first month, “said Miguel Oller, co-founder of Makeswift.

Key features and benefits of Turborepo include:

  • Zero configuration monorepo support
  • Microfrontend reference solution
  • Faster intelligent and incremental constructions
  • Better development of the monorepo

“The platform that Jared created and the speed that allows Vercel users really changes the game for interface developers,” said Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel.

“Optimizing both runtime and build time performance allows us to easily define a new global maximum build performance for the web. I look forward to working closely with Jared as we continue to change the very nature of development. web and see which one our users will build with Vercel “.

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