WhatsApp opens to businesses of all sizes with Cloud API • The Register

WhatsApp opens to businesses of all sizes with Cloud API • The Register

Yesterday at the first Meta de Conversations conference, the company announced the WhatsApp Cloud API, aimed at enhancing the customer service experience for businesses of all sizes.

Meta already has the WhatsApp Business API, the first revenue-generating business product for the free messaging app, where businesses pay for WhatsApp per message and can use the platform to direct customer communications to other lines such as SMS , email, etc. applications and more.

Basically, it is another online presence where companies can set up the store to make it easier for customers to get in touch. But the WhatsApp Business API is local and would normally need a solution provider like Twilio to facilitate background integration.

WhatsApp has big names like Vodafone, Coppel, Sears Mexico, BMW, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Iberia Airlines, Itau Brazil, iFood and Bank Mandiri among its thousands of business customers.

The WhatsApp Cloud API is essentially a cloud-based version hosted by Meta and aimed primarily at small businesses, reducing integration time from weeks to minutes, the company said. Like the Business API, the Cloud API is also free to use.

Opening Conversations, a set of announcements about Meta’s growing messaging property portfolio, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said: “The best business experiences are with the people where they are. More than a billion users are already We connect with a business account to our messaging services every week. WhatsApp to any business of any size in the world with WhatsApp Cloud API. “

In addition to getting companies to install on the platform faster, Meta said the cloud API would eliminate server costs that were previously needed and offer customers new features as they go online.

For those who don’t want to use the API, there’s also the WhatsApp Business app, launched in 2018, which offers additional features such as automated quick replies, greetings, frequently asked questions, and more. Meta said a premium service was coming in with new features, such as the ability to manage chats across multiple devices, with availability and pricing to be revealed later.

Facebook (as it was) bought WhatsApp in 2014 for a staggering $ 22 billion, considering it’s a free ad-free mobile app that allows users to send unlimited messages to contacts without going through the mobile network or pay data rates.

At the time, the service had 450 million users and lost millions of dollars. It now has over 2 billion users. This explosive growth is obviously ripe for monetization and opening up WhatsApp as a tool for businesses of any size is a sign of how Meta intends to profit. ®

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