Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions Focuses on Future of Food

Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions Focuses on Future of Food

This year’s iteration of Wicked Problems, Wolfpack Solutions (WPWS) will begin on June 27 for freshmen and transfer students. Focusing on the future of food, instruction will be led by associate professors Melissa Ramirez i Jason Flores.

According to Lead Instructional Media Designer Todd Bukerat DELTA, WPWS is the largest enrollment course offered by NC State, with over 6,000 students automatically enrolled.

“WPWS is a course that examines multidisciplinary approaches to solving complex global problems,” Buker said. “It’s free for all incoming NC State students and is being filed for public access.” In addition, students who complete the course earn two free college credits.

The bad problem this year is, in a word, food. From production to processing challenges, from inequality to sustainability, food presents many complex and intertwined problems that contribute to a global problem.

“While on the surface it may not seem like a problem to some people, the reality is that many people around the world in this country, and even on our campus, are not getting enough food or nutrition,” he said. Book.

At the end of the five-week online course, students will have a better understanding of the complexity of these perverse food-related issues, specifically those related to food distribution, supply chain issues, food genetically modified and more. Not only that, but participants will be able to recognize that intersectional problems cannot be solved by a single person, discipline, group, or government.

In addition, students, faculty, staff, and their families can take advantage of this additional resources and upcoming events of NC State University Libraries.

“I hope students see that despite the serious problems we face, humanity can solve these problems with careful study, intentional thinking, and listening to others,” Buker said.

While this is the third year NC State has offered WPWS, DELTA instructors and development team are working to improve the accessibility and inclusion of the course for students.

“We continue to refine our focus on course design, facilitation, production and communications, making incremental improvements each year,” said DELTA’s project management director. Merranie Zellweger dit. “While the topic changes each year, the goals of the course, to introduce students to multidisciplinary studies, the North Carolina state community, and academic technologies, do not.”

Senior Communications Officer Sherry Stallings played an integral role in coordinating the launch of the website with Associate Director of Web Development and User Experience Climent Bordas. In addition, the Stallings team worked together to create and direct content for social media platforms. They have also opened an Instagram account for this year’s course.

Not just an introduction to NC State’s university learning and academic technology, WPWS allows students to expose themselves to a variety of problem-solving ideas and approaches before entering the classroom. In this way, participants have the opportunity to discover a field of study or area of ​​research that they want to pursue, even if they have never considered it before.

“We’re three years into this course,” Buker said. “Every year I am amazed at the depth of knowledge and talent among the teachers we have here. I learned a lot from these people. “

The future of food will provide the same invaluable information and skills that incoming students have been taking advantage of since the 2020 course design.

According to one student: “Before I started this course, I was always wondering what a GEP was like [general education program] education can help me in computer science. However, after finishing this course, I can see the importance of a GEP education. “

From start to finish, countless DELTA staff members have participated in this year’s WPWS iteration. Planning, production, project management, communications, instructional design and technology, graphics and more are crucial components to making WPWS a success, and DELTA is at the forefront of that endeavor. For more information, take a look DELTA portfolio on WPWS.

This post was originally published in DELTA News.

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